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Yoga And Zumba

Zumba is an aerobic dance which enables you burn calories in a cheerful way. It incorporates training for weight loss, cardio and plyometric with music. The instructor leads you with specific moves, jumps, squats to accelerate your body.

Yoga is a proven practice of weight loss and wellbeing. It promotes both health and happiness. It helps attaining physical and mental balance to achieve peaceful body and mind. It improves flexibility of muscles and energises body system.

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Yoga For Health

Yoga is not restricted for any particular age. It is befitting for all people irrespective of age and gender. Yoga energises every part of the body to function at its best.

Yoga for weight loss

Yoga has proved to be the effective method for weight loss without straining much. Our yoga instructors are dedicated to bring out optimal results to the practitioners.

Yoga For Children

Children are in no way denied from enjoying the benefits of yoga. It increases their strength and resilience. This helps them to discipline their body and mind even at their tender age. Children are able to shine at the best thanks to their sound body.

Yoga for elders

Yoga is one among very few exercises which elders can engage themselves. Yoga keeps the age-related ailments at bay. They can live fit as fiddle and age turns just a number.

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Yoga and Zumba Training