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Tournaments are the test for the player's practice and hardwork. It ascertains the zeal and conviction to achieve which every player has to possess. Every tournament is a new lease of life where the player executes all his unique strategies and also learns what is to be altered in his style of play.

It has the potential to imbibe the player many life lessons. RIAMS prepares the students for all tournaments. We develop an insight in them to go a long way in the life of sports. Students develop a highself-esteem and resoluteness.

Practice and Perseverance is all that Matters...


Our rigorous training has the capacity to chisel you into a new being.


The eminent coaches will judge our every student to find their strength and weakness.


Precision and timing which have a great impact of every life could be honed by play of game.


Accomplishing a great task with joined hands becomes a cake walk and Our game has it as a basic component

All our Tournaments

RIAMS conducts tournaments to assess the skils acquired by the students in our academy. These tournaments helps to evaluate and meet their shortcomings. The coaches will address the areas of concern to fine tune the students and help them to stand high on par with competitors. RIAMS has the ultimate rationale of quality and perfection of student's talent and these tournaments will be a platform to achieve our lofty aim.

The following categories are available in all tournaments:

  • Youth Soccer Tournaments
  • Under 11 Boys & Girls Tournaments
  • Under 15 Boys & Girls Tournaments
  • Adult League Tournaments

Youth Soccer

U11 Boys & Girls

U15 Boys & Girls

Adult League

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04+ Years Experience
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