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Welcome to Our Table Tennis Team

Table Tennis which is an Olympic Sport is Considered as One of the Fastest Sport in the World. It is Like a Real-Time Chess. An Excellent Sport where the Player has to be Very Sharp Mentally and Very Quick Physically. It Requires More Hand-Eye Coordination with Quicker Leg Movement.
So the Nuances in the Sport is Taught with Utmost Perfection in our Academy by Well Trained Coaches by which the Students are Sure they Can Evolve as a Professional Player. Our Training Hall Consists of 3 International Standard Table Tennis Boards with High Quality Synthetic Rubber Flooring.

About Our Coach

Hi, We Present Our Table Tennis Coaches Here - Mrs.Ezhilarasi & Mr. Senthura Pandy. Together They are Working to Build the Players in a Professional way to Compete in the International, National and State Level. Having been Involved in the Sport from a Young age with 15+ Years of Playing Experience and 3+ Years of Coaching Experience.

Coach Achievements


  • Silver Medal in the All India University Nationals Representing University of Madras
  • Gold Medal in the SGFI Nationals Representing Tamilnadu State Team
  • Represented Tamilnadu State Team in the Senior Nationals


  • Silver Medal in SGFI Nationals Representing Tamilnadu State Team
  • Represented University of Madras Team Twice in the All India University Nationals
  • Represented Andhra Pradesh State Team in the Senior Nationals
  • Completed ITTF (In TTFI)-PTT Level 1 Coaching Course Conducted at Bengaluru

Benefits Of Playing Table Tennis


Playing Improves Hand Eye

Coordination and it Stimulates Mental Alertness, Concentration and Tactical Strategy. This Makes it the Perfect Game for Young People to Sharpen Reflexes, and for Older People to Refine Tactics..


Develops Mental Acuity

The Speed, Spin and Placement of the Ball are Crucial in Table Tennis, and Practiced Players are Highly Skilled in Both Creating and Solving Puzzles Involving these Three Attributes.


Improves Reflexes

Due to the Fast- Paced, Short-Distance Nature of the Sport, Both Gross and Fine Muscle Movements are Improved. The Game is Distinguished by Bursts of Exertion and Recovery, Leading to Fast-Twitch Muscle Development.


It's Easy on the Joints

Have You Had knee Surgery, Back Problems, Tired of Twisting your Ankles? Try Table Tennis. It's a Great Way to Improve your Leg, Arm and Core Strength Without Overtaxing Your Joints.


Burns Calories

A 150-Pound Person can Burn 272 Calories by Playing Table Tennis for an Hour. Considering the Fact that the Sport is Entertaining and Addictive, It can be a Fun and Easy way to Burn Calories.


Offers a Social Outlet

Whether You Play in the Community Center or at Home with Friends, Table Tennis Offers a Great way to Bond with Other People While you Lose Weight. Because Young and Old People can Play the Game, It can Help Improve Communication and Build Relationships, Irrespective of Age. Playing at Home with Siblings or Parents can Bring Family Members Closer and Enable them to Spend More Quality Time with Each Other.


Keeps Your Brain Sharp

Alzheimer's Weekly Reports a Clear Increase in Motor Skills and Cognitive Awareness from Playing Table Tennis, After a Series of Preliminary Clinical Studies in Japan Found that Table Tennis Markedly Increases the Flow of Blood to the Brain, and Could Possibly Even Prevent Dementia.


Improves Coordination

Following the Ping Pong Ball as It Moves Quickly Toward You, and Following its Trajectory as your Opponent Hits it Helps Improve Hand-Eye Coordination.


Improves Balance

Staying Balanced and Being Able to Quickly Change Direction are Key to Being Successful in a Ping Pong Rally. This is Especially Important for the Elderly.


Stimulates Various Different Parts of the Brain

By Anticipating an Opponent's Shot, A Player Uses the Prefrontal Cortex for Strategic Planning. The Aerobic Exercise from the Physical Activity of the Game Stimulates the Hippocampus, the Part of the Brain that is Responsible for Allowing us to Form and Retain Long- Term Facts and Events.

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